Can Tradition be An Excuse?

aanya khandelwal
1 min readAug 30, 2021

tradition… is not an excuse

‘we don’t stand for sexism’ they’ll say yet their actions speak differently. their inaction. their call for silence. they don’t want to face their problems for it will taint their public reputation. vilely they will try to stow away these crucial problems. but for how long can we let them do that? how much longer can everything orbit around men? how much longer can they get away with thinking in the most gruesome ways about women? when are institutions going to tackle misogyny and rape culture and burst the bubble of taboo around the subject? why do women have to hide their tampons and pads in their sleeves at work, home, and school? why does money directly translate to the right to abuse women? why do so many women get told that it is better to be silent than go through the trouble of fighting against a man who failed to take a ‘no’?

there are so many questions, but no one to answer them.

it’s burning frustration and anger that should pulsate through your body as you read these questions. we can’t normalize this status quo because we shouldn’t have to, because it is unacceptable.

tradition is not, can not, will not be an excuse.