Do We Really Have Free Will?

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Known as the theory of Determinism or Mechanism, it revolves around the notion that everything that happens is determined, that is, fixed completely by the physical condition that preceded it.


The first and foremost basis of Libertarianism is that we do have free will. Libertarianism states that we are causes outside of the usual causal chain. It proclaims that we cause things the same way, but we as humans are special. That we are caused by a different way, by agent causation. Agent causation can be defined when we believe that not events, but agents can cause an event.


The view that although we do not have a metaphysical free will, we are determined. A famous ideology on these lines were presented by philosopher David Hume, who sums this up nicely by stating that being free is not equal to being constrained. Therefore he believes what matters is that we decide what we would want to do.

Hard Determinism

Finally, Hard Determinism comes in with a perspective that we have no metaphysical free will and that we have no moral responsibility. It is stringently based on the case put forth by determinism. One of the biggest Hard Determinism philosopher included Peter Strawson’s(the Compatibilist) son, Galen Strawson.



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