Peace or No Peace

Perhaps a bit too dramatic. But it is quite a question : PEACE or NO PEACE?


Control. This is what every nation wants. A tip of advantage over another. United States, China, Russia, European Union, United Kingdom and North Korea just to name a few. Economic power is such a diabolical incentive in our current society that it is next to impossible to achieve peace at this condition.


Freedom for all. Democratic principles on which world peace essentially hinges on. Why so? Freedom keeps people happy and away from tyranny. The freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear.


Caste, color, creed or sex based discrimination is a hinderance that literally stops world peace. There is an unconscious racial bias in various countries and various ethnic biases in other countries. This leads to the lack of world peace for not all individuals are accepted.


Sooner or later, nations, people and leaders akin will realize that problems are really getting out of hand; and that global peacekeeping is the only solution. Climate change, over-population and and more. These problems are growing at a steady rate and has caused many countries to join hands to solve these problems before they lead to our extinction. An example is of the Paris Climate Agreement, an agreement that 195 parties have signed unto.


Whether nations like it or not, they have to accept the fact that world peace is an important catalyst for better lifestyles. Nations working together in a harmonious manner can increase trade between countries. This encourages and helps developing countries grow and helps all countries trade at much higher rates which results in easier lives for the consumers.


The future for humans is as bright as it can get. With a world pioneering in Artificial Intelligence, getting nations together becomes more important than ever. If there will be a war in the future, there will be deaths. Not thousands but billions of deaths. As AI grows, so does the awareness of countries regarding this.



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aanya khandelwal

aanya khandelwal

An avid reader, passionate writer and poet. Uncertified addict to current events and irony filled politics. Curious about psychology and game theory.