tradition… is not an excuse

‘we don’t stand for sexism’ they’ll say yet their actions speak differently. their inaction. their call for silence. they don’t want to face their problems for it will taint their public reputation. vilely they will try to stow away these crucial problems. but for how long can we let them do that? how much longer can everything orbit around men? how much longer can they get away with thinking in the most gruesome ways about women? when are institutions going to tackle misogyny and rape culture and burst the bubble of taboo around the subject…

Where to begin? Well, the question may as well shift to where not to begin from?

The words ethics and morality to some people may instinctively mean the basic every day conscience that must be ingrained in people while running through every day tasks. Whether it be appreciating your friend’s horrible trial at attempting to cook pasta to questioning whether using people for personal gain is justified.

Ethics aren’t as simple as they seem. Ethics branch out from your beliefs about life. Whether you believe in cynicism (all actions with the aim of personal gain) or utilitarianism (all actions with…

“Writings not that easy, but Grammarly can help. This sentence is grammatically correct but its wordy and hard to read, it undermines the writer’s message and the word choice is bland. Grammarly’s cutting edge technology helps you craft compelling understandable that makes an impact on your reader. Much better.”

image via Grammarly on Youtube

The one thing that they got correct is that writing is not that easy. From creativity to vocabulary to engagement, it isn’t a piece of cake. But, can a vocabulary and grammar enhancer help in writing? Not exactly.

One of the biggest hurdles in any writer’s life is that of the…

Picture this. You are sitting in a waiting room. Everyone is getting called one by one for their results. The receptionist calls you and you enter the room. No, we are not speaking about a doctor, vet or a dentist’s appointment, but a result of a test on how marginalized you are in today’s society. Now what if this number is high? What if it is low? There can be a vary of interjectional reactions you can portray to this newfound, unknown information.

Bill Gates once said, “Discrimination has a lot of layers that make it hard for minorities to…

Your love, your marriage, your children, your job and your decisions. Have you really had any free will in these matters? Do we really have a choice of our own, or was everything predetermined from the get go?

Credit : Getty Images

Philosophers and scientists akin try to answer this question. From Immanuel Kant to Harry Frankfurt, to David Hume and Peter Strawson. All these great philosophers have spent years worth time exploring the same question; time and time again.

There are 4 main philosophical theories, each who aims to answer the question of Free Will in the most accurate notion possible. The theories…

Leaving us all awestruck once again, unable to stop flipping the pages bountiful with revelations was Dan Brown’s Origin. Another typical Robert Langdon story, and boy oh boy did it not miss the miraculous way Brown intricately combines fiction with non-fiction to create a tell-tale exceptional thriller.

It has been four months since my ethereal addiction of Brown’s books has dawned into existence. Let’s place it that his spectacular way to spinning and weaving a delicate story and creating a thought provoking experience is more than just enjoyable, it is virtuous.

Critics hither and critics tether, all along the way…

You and your friend have been caught in a homicidal crime. The police has taken both of you into two separate rooms. The inspector comes in and informs you about your current state. He tells you that you have 2 options. You can put the blame of the crime on your partner or you could choose stay quiet. He then shows you this sheet:

If both of you remain silent and cooperate with one another, you both only get a year in prison sentence because they won’t be able to pin down who has done the crime. Now, if you…

Our world has still not achieved the equilibrium it requires to make more lives happier and better. Instead, we are occupied quarreling amongst ourselves. You’d say, we’re a single species and we should therefore be united. For now, that’s utopia. But, there’s a way we can change that; hopefully soon enough to fix the large mess that we’ve created.

Perhaps a bit too dramatic. But it is quite a question : PEACE or NO PEACE?

Let us actually dive into why attaining global peace at this moment, is akin to trying to eat a physical planet on your own for dinner. …

Extraterrestrials, those green aliens with two antennae bulging off the top of their heads, accompanied with exceptionally hilarious eyes. Well, scientists say there haven’t been actual sightings of ET except for those edited into Sci-Fi movies, but I definitely think otherwise.

An old, green, grumpy looking alien.
Photo Courtesy : Unsplash

In about a moment you’ll see the alien I did, right under our eyes the entire time. All of you ET fans, here are my findings. There’s a man(at least he seems to appear), with actions that can only be deemed alien. For 4 years, we all have endured him and his crazy alien ideas and speeches. Quite a…

Aanya Khandelwal

An avid reader and passionate writer and poet. Uncertified addict to current events and comedic politics. Perhaps an excessive philosopher and psychology freak.

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